Espalier System

Egyptian fig growers used Espalier Systems to train trees to grow against the wall of the Pharaoh’s garden. They did this by pruning the trees to be on one plane or flat surface. How can you incorporate the same technique into your garden? Look for a perfect blank wall, courtyard or fence area to create … Read more

A Child’s Low Allergen Teepee Garden

How often does a child like to hide somewhere in the house? A rainy day can offer a safe haven for a game of indoor hide and seek. Oh, how children love to build forts with old sheets to create secret hideaways. When the puddles dry up, and children’s activities move outdoors, why not encourage … Read more

Herbs As Insect Repellent

Herbs have double value in your schoolyard garden. Take for instance BASIL, a well-known herb for cooking but also used as a pest-repellent.  When you plant basil beside your tomato plants, you are reducing insect and fungus damage. Grow some basil in a container; it repels flies and mosquitoes. When you are going to grow … Read more

Crocus – ‘Rememberance’

Originally the crocus was a native of the Mediterranean region and Afghanistan. Now they are a popular sight in many gardens in Canada and the United States. Crocus flowers are beautiful, easy to grow, and they smell heavenly. They have a low allergen OPALS ranking. With our troops overseas I urge everyone to plant (in … Read more